Broad Beach, Malibu, CA

31200 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265

Broad Beach

The Broad Beach neighborhood is one of the most expensive and exclusive in Malibu. Home to many well known celebrities and entertainment industry titans, the 1.1-mile stretch of Malibu coastline includes a community of 108 beachfront homes. Beach access is available through two sanctioned paths to the beach, one a stairway at 31344 Broad Beach Road and a cement walkway and steps at 31200. Public use of the beach is governed by the same rules as elsewhere in California. That is, private property starts at the mean high tide line. However, many of the homes along Broad Beach include easements in their property deeds, granting the public an additional 25 feet of beach, above the usual "seaward of mean high tide line" public beach. Dozens of Broad Beach homes have these easements, but the exact location of the line is not always clear.