Malibu Creek State Park, Malibu, CA

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1925 Las Virgines Road Cornell, CA 91301

Malibu Creek State Park

An 8 mile in-and-out, exploring the lower canyon sections of Malibu Creek State Park. Lots of stream-side scenery, a few man-made lakes, spectacular Santa Monica Mountains scenery, and lots of side-trails make this an excellent area for a day hike or overnight. This has been and continues to be a popular place to shoot TV and movies -- there are still a few remnants of the old M*A*S*H set here -- and the creekside pools and rock formations are popular places for swimming and rock-climbing. Malibu Creek State Park is a sprawling chunk of parkland in the Santa Monica Mountains, hugging the Malibu Creek as it flows into the ocean, while also stretching east along the Backbone Trail. There are several distinct sections of the park, and this write-up roughly covers the “lower canyon” area, along the trails that follow Malibu Creek through a striking section of the mountains known as the Goat Buttes.