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Malibu Natural Health Center

The precepts of Natural Healing were given by Hippocrates, considered to be the father of modern medicine, who said, "Let your food be your medicine" and "Do nothing to harm your patient." These precepts are followed today by those who heal with natural laws. Natural Healing rests upon the understanding that your body is able to heal itself and that, if you create the proper environment, the body will heal itself. (We see examples of this daily when small cuts close themselves or when broken bones knit over a period of time.) The individual who wishes to work with natural healing methods will take responsibility for the healing, deal with the causes of the disease, and work patiently with Nature. Taking this responsibility--for most of us--involves a new way of life. It means developing a respect for your body, understanding its needs, and supporting Nature as it does the job that only Nature can do. The rewards of natural healing are many: mental clarity and a sense of well-being that you may never before have experienced. For when you allow Nature to heal your body, you not only heal the disease, but you restore your entire body to health.