Mandeville Canyon Fire Rd., Malibu, CA

2652 Westridge Rd Los Angeles, CA 90049

Mandeville Canyon Fire Rd.

Mandeville Canyon is a north-south running trench in Brentwood area of the Santa Monica Mountains. There are trails running down each ridge that can be reached via fire road from Mandeville Canyon Road, which runs down the center of the residential canyon. This fire road winds gently and steadily uphill about 4 miles along the east ridge of Sullivan Canyon to San Vicente Mountain Park and the Nike Radar Site and Mulholland Drive. But you don't need to go all the way to the top to enjoy this hike -- the excellent views start almost immediately, so even the least ambitious hiker can catch some of the highlights. There are several options along the fire road, including steep, challenging, single-track trails on either side of the fire road that will take you along the spine of the ridge, providing sweeping views of the Westside and parts of the San Fernando Valley. Most of the single-tracks run parallel to Westridge fire road and reconnect with the road further up.