Point Dume State Beach Whale Watching, Malibu, CA

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Point Dume State Beach Whale Watching

Hunted to the edge of extinction, in the 19th century, the gray whale was given partial protection in 1937 and full protection in 1947 by the International Whaling Commission. The eastern north Pacific gray whale population has made a strong recovery and now numbers between 19,000 and 23,000, according to the ACS. Their arrival off the coast of Malibu each winter is a cause for celebration for many Malibuites and beachgoers. On the southward journey, the whales reportedly congregate in the show water off Point Dume to feed and rest before the final push to Baja California and their winter breeding grounds. On the way north, female gray whales with young calves stay close to the coast. Longtime whale watchers say that the near shore off of Point Dume State Beach, Westward Beach and Zuma Beach are among the best places along the coast to watch for whales. The wooden lookout at the eastern side of the Point Dume headlands offers a comfortable location to sit and watch for whales.