University Church of Christ, Malibu, CA

(310) 506-4504
24255 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, California 90263

University Church of Christ Elkins Auditorium Pepperdine University

University Church of Christ is a church called by Jesus Christ to teach, serve, and witness in love to the community and to one another. Their desire is to know Jesus more fully and to make Him more fully known as the Spirit transforms lives into Christ's character. Acknowledging the gospel's call, hearing the expressed needs and desires of the congregation, and recognizing this church's unique relationships with Pepperdine University and the American Restoration Movement, University Church of Christ accepts that it is uniquely equipped and prepared to achieve a fuller understanding of God's word; cultivate a deeper fellowship with one another; gain clearer insight into God's saving grace; and provide a powerful ministry to college students. The church intends to offer and participate in worship that honors God and fully engages the minds and hearts of the members of the University Church. They commit to becoming a more powerful source of God's redemptive message so that they may through His son Jesus Christ help provide spiritual renewal and support to the Pepperdine community, to the less fortunate, and to all the communities they serve.