Top 10 Home Selling Tips

  1. Price it right.
    Pricing too high is a risk that many buyers are unaware of. Often, the final sale price is lower than it otherwise would have been, and the sale process generally takes much longer as well. We can help you set a price that is competitive, and will produce the best results for your bottom line.
  2. Keep it clean.
    Avoid clutter, both visible and out-of-sight. Even your closets should look clean, and they look great when half-empty.
  3. Light it up.
    It is ideal to maximize the light in your home, as this makes it look and feel larger, and is an important aspect to many buyers. Use light colored or white paint, clean windows and bright lights to highlight these strengths.
  4. Choose an agent carefully.
    Your agent makes a big difference in your experience and your pocketbook, so make your choice carefully.
  5. Move pets away.
    While they provide great companionship for you, potential buyers need to focus on your home's strengths and not your pets. The smell and mess may be a turn-off or distraction to your best candidates.
  6. Don't over-upgrade.
    Many buyers may have a different vision for upgrades, and would rather save money on the purchase price than pay for things the way you see them.
  7. De-personalize.
    Remove personal pictures and mementos. Keep the buyer's focus on the home and property, and away from your life there.
  8. The kitchen is important.
    The kitchen has a huge impact on a buyer's impression of and decision to buy your home. Keep it clean, highlight the upgrades, and make it easy for your buyer to imagine using it.
  9. Keep it ready to show.
    By having your home always ready, you will avoid the last-minute scramble or need to delay potential buyers while you clean up.
  10. The first impression is the only one.
    No matter how much you might improve it later on, the buyer's first impression is the only one that makes a difference. Keep things ready to go, and always put your home's best face forward.